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Guilin Landscape
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  "Guilin landscape, Guilin, Yangshuo rated A; reflection mountain peaks floating, no water is not Hill" and a high summarized Yangshuo scenery in the world share some important position.

  Guilin is a world-renowned scenic city tour, with unparalleled karst. Here mountains, plains uprooted, mix; Lijiang River water, the twists and turns, Ming-jie Rujing; Hill many holes, hole Youtong King odd magnificent spectacle; cave rock formations, uncanny workmanship, silver, so the   formation of the "mountain ching, Shueisiou, odd holes, stone beautiful "Guilin" four no ", and since ancient times" Guilin landscape "of the community.
   Guilin Seven Star Park                                 Xiangshan Park                                        Guilin Mountain
                     Guilin                                           Guilin Liangjiang Sihu                        Reed Flute Cave

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