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Yangtze River Three Gorges
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  Zhai Tong gorge of the Three Gorges is, Wu Gorge,a general term, is located in Chongqing Municipality and Hubei Province at the junction, west Baidicheng Fengjie County of Chongqing, Yichang City in Hubei Province in the east Nanjin clearance, a total length of 193 kilometers, is the world's famous Grand Canyon, known as the landscape gallery is a national key scenic spots. Chongqing is located in the city have Qutangxia and Wu Gorge, angeographical Hubei Province. Zhai Tong Gap for the first gorge of the Three Gorges, which is also called Kui Gorge. Fengjie Baidicheng west and east town of Wushan County, a total length of 8 kilometers to the magnificent said. The south bank of the Yangtze River and the north shore of the White Enzan Chek A Hill confrontation, rock, such as cutting, like a door, locking six Jiang. Gap in the river inPentium, whirlpool four, mountain-hung water radical, magnificent, eye-openers. Gap there tunicoides customs, ancient path along the cliff, bellows Gap,wall, Mengliang staircase, suspended upside down on monks, Phoenix drink Stephen, rhino Mochizuki, gold holes, seven openings, such as multiple spots. Wu Gorge is the second Yangtze River Three Gorge. Nanjing West from the mouth of Wushan County, Badong County in Hubei Province in the east crossing, 45 kilometers long gorge. Characterized by a deep valley gorge long, tortuous, deep and beautiful, it is a beautiful gallery of landscape. Wu Gorge scenic area by the "three peaks Hakkei 12" component. Three is "Chu Terrace, granted desks, Tsam Liuzhou Taiwan," and eight as "Nanling Chunxiao, sunset Return, Ninghe night crossing, Qingxi fish catch,Qiuyue, Xiufeng Shan brakes, F concept Fok stone, North Korea Cloud "; 12 peak is the" net Tan-feng, set Sianfong, poly Hefeng, North Korea Yunfeng, starting to peak, rising peaks Goddess Peak, Tsui Ping-feng, Tang Lung-feng, Feng Fei, Song Feng Luan , Tshen peak. " In addition, there are gold helmet Gap area Gap, iron coffin Gap, Kongming monument, Chu Shu-divide attractions.
  Daning River Small Three Gorges of Daning River Gu Changjiang, also known as wuxi water, originated in the south Dabashan, Wushan County in the south into the Yangtze River, a total distance of about 250 kilometers, above the Three Gorges is the largest tributary. Daning River Small Three Gorges, is Ninghe Longmen Gorge downstream and Pakistan fog Gap, Gap general term. It south from Longmen Xiakou, North Tu Xiangjiaba to a total length of 50 kilometers. Gap Mountain region Xiongfeng show surprising Shuiqing Beach, King secluded stone-US. Longmen Longmen Gorge impressive spring, the ancient path along the cliff sites, Qingshitan sumon, Kowloon-chu, silver Waterloo Beach, Panda hole pipa states, such as foam Kok Beach landscape. Pakistan considerable fog Gap turtle beach, fishing on monkeys, Horseshoe Hill, a tiger out, Long Jin, fairies throwing Hydrangea, Kwun Yam Mid sit, HANGING COFFIN,White Snake, a small town such as Ssangyong landscape. Deep gorge the most beautiful and impressive cattle off tail, Sally Lam, Ma liver and lungs,Buddha, Tianquan, Luojiazhai, sheep cliff, horse to cross the river, climbing peaks, Golden Monkey peak (haunt Department), Red Cliff Ferris, double eagle theater screen, Feiyun holes, such as welcoming Stephen wonderful scenery.
                        西陵峡                                                                       Wu Gorge
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