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  Huangshan Scenic Area (HuangshanMountain) is one of China's famous scenic spots, the world tourist attraction, located in the southern city of Huangshan in Anhui Province. Main peak of Lotus Peak, an elevation of 1864.8 meters. Huangshan in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, a high mountain and deep valley, the vertical changes in climate. At the same time, and the southern slope of the northern slope of the sun's radiation by the poor, and local topography of its gas ..

  Hollywood hotel right in the North Sea, in front of Society. Central Dock odd to mention dangerous, Cangsong rock inside the dock, everything, such as "Dream pen flower", "disturbance Liuzhou Stone", "Jiang Taigong phishing" and so on. The spring and summer, the rich Zhengyan, Full ..

Immortal backpack
  In the "immortal game of chess," the left, one Qiao Shi, such as people, carrying a bag of treasures, known as the "immortal backpack", "also known as" immortal back bao. "Because it Shirengou in the" prime minister "the opposite, such as child negative hyacinth侍立Therefore, also known as "...

Xuanyuan peak 
             Xuanyuan Feng Huang is located in the northern part of Shandong, with the master-feng, dragon peak phase is adjacent to one of 36 major peaks, 1664 meters above sea level. Legend of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Tour flu here, named. Wu Qing Dynasty poem Cheomseongdae Thailand has said: "Xuanyuan is a potential Fengfeng. Gao Ling days were 4000. Skies room Biyun far back to the sea like floating side significantly ..

Gong Shouyangshan 
       Gong Shouyangshan central in Huangshan, between chess and白鹅岭Shifeng between 1800 meters above sea level is not the list of 72 peaks. Due to peak heights in width, sufficient sunshine, named "Shouyangshan Gong." The Buddhist pine dense, rich Huangshan Huangshan Magnolia and Rhododendron. Mountain breeze and the wind blowing, Lintao waves, it is false thinking. Feng Back ..

Flying stone
         Ping days in the western end of the peaks, one stone standing on the rock platform. Boulder 12 meters high, 7.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide; its next rock platform 12-15 m long, 8-10 m wide. Contacts between the two rock surface is very small, on the one stone may coming from outer, named "flying stone & rdqu ..

White Peak
          White Peak is located in the southeastern part of Huangshan, Shek Mun Ling-feng and Wu mud between the East China Sea and the North Sea is the Huangshan line, one of 36 small peak, 1768 meters above sea level. Feng wall formation, such as Tobe, steep mountain peak on the boulder numerous Gusong vigorous, King Wonderland wonderful, quite resistant to ruminate. Prominent peak on the sky with one stone, like White ..

 Huangshan in the middle of 1860 meters above sea level for the second peak of Huangshan. According to legend, the ancient one called "empty-chi," the monk, in this self-cultivation for 15 years. One day, saw the "Japan-China" in the days of the door, big Peak, named  Top ..

 Eighteen Arhats toward the South China Sea
       In the beginning of the letter with the immortal Feng Feng Stalagmite between, there are a row of Shirengou. Some peaks towering header, and some sit-Matsushita, some armed with umbrellas, some carrying stick Retarder, shape different. They split Tengyun fog, all are oriented towards the south, it referred to as the "Ocean's 18 toward the South China Sea & rdquo ..
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