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Suzhou gardens
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  Suzhou Jiangnan garden absorbed the essence of the art of landscape architecture is an excellent Chinese cultural heritage, as a matter of course by the United Nations cultural heritage of mankind and nature. Suzhou gardens are good at the limited space cleverly multiterminal changing landscape composition, structure and to small and win. Nets Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden referred to collectively as "the four famous Suzhou garden", known as "gardenJiangnan, Suzhou Jiangnan garden a" reputation. Suzhou gardens on behalf of the Chinese private garden style and artistic level, is rare tourist.

  Suzhou Classical Gardens garden one can tour may travel to Habitat, you can experience the ease of life of people, the formation of this architectural form is in the densely populated and the lack of natural scenery of the city, human attachment to nature, the pursuit and nature in harmony, to beautify and improve the living environment of their own to create a.

  Xuzhou is located in water, lake dotted groove very profit potential due to water on the garden, near Tai Hu rich, suitable for stuffing Linglong sophisticated rockery, is unique; Xuzhou region 100 successive thriving industry, the official Fumin Yin, is perfectly placed to pursue high-quality living environment; plus Xuzhou folk art has always been advocating the pursuit of perfect, eternal inheritance, focused, whether it is the countryside residential areas, or Giardia, which are meticulously designed and built, SSIM originality. These basic factors contributed greatly to the development of Suzhou gardens. According to local history records, Xuzhou city the size of garden, in the layout, structure, style of art has its own characteristics, resulting in Suzhou gardens heyday of Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, Nets Garden, Huanxiu Villa these four classical gardens, fully embodies the Chinese gardening art and level of national characteristics. They are building the type of complete, intact. This garden covers an area of four is not wide, but the clever use of a variety of garden art techniques and practices, will be pavilions, flowers and trees together to simulate the natural scenery, and create the "urban forest", "Home downtown and near-natural "The ideal space. They are systematic and comprehensive display of Suzhou Classical Gardens construction layout, structure, shape, style, color and decoration, furniture, furnishings and other aspects, is the Ming and Qing Dynasties (14 to the early 20th century) Jiangnan representatives of civil construction works, during this period reflected a high degree of China's southern region living civilization, and has affected the entire southern cities, the construction style, led the design of civil construction, design, layout, aesthetics and construction technology to its close, at that time reflected the level of science and technology, urban construction and artistic achievements. In beautifying the living environment, financial architectural beauty, natural beauty, culture and other aspects of the United States as a whole reached a historical high in China and the world history of the development of landscape art has an irreplaceable position.

  Suzhou Classical Gardens, one of the important characteristics is that it is not only a product of history and culture, but also traditional Chinese thinking and culture of the carrier. Manifested in the garden room of the house named, plaques, couplets, Oplegnathus books, sculpture, decorative, as well as flowers and trees meaning,and so on, is not only beautiful works of art adorned gardens, while storing a large amount of historical, cultural, ideological and scientific information, the content and spirit of their material content is extremely deep. Which reflect and dissemination of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, such as various philosophical concepts, the school of thought; there to promote the philosophy of life, to cultivate the noble sentiments; there with classical poems literature, for decorating the landscape, hair, rendering, people in outbound tours habitat, the emotion of the scene to create mood the United States, was to meet the spirit. The garden brings together well-preserved ancient Chinese calligraphy handwriting is also valuable works of art, has a very high heritage value. In addition, as the classical gardens of Suzhou garden unity garden, its construction regulations also reflect the daily life of ancient China Jiangnan break pro's way of life and ritual custom, is the understanding and study of ancient Chinese folk materials Jiangnan.

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