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Hangzhou West Lake
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  Hangzhou West Lake, is a poem, a natural picture, a beautiful and moving story, whether it is for many years living in the here and had a hurry or travelers, all for the unique beauties of the world by the dumping. Yangchun March, Orioles fly long grass. Su Bai two embankment, Yan is a water trough on both sides, little boat, the distance is kept empty mountains, Qingdai with Chui. At this point in the embankments, you will be amazed by the immediate landscape, and even suspected whether they entered a world outside the fairyland.

     And the beauty of West Lake in Hangzhou is not only unique to the spring, summer days, Lin Bi received the flowers in autumn moonlight soak, Shu-Ying crossfall after Dongxue Plum, more cage that yarn in, misty rain in the Rendezvous ------ no matter when you come, it will bring an unusual presence.

The tranquil West Lake, Hangzhou

     Hangzhou is the seat heaters Jin-hoon, chief of water bubble Sophie city. Shuiguang trough Yan, Meng empty mountains, flowers, such as cluster, wicker shake down, the whole city was charming and warm dip. In such an atmosphere, who else can not, loving lingering bound in a league? Block love to say that Hangzhou is the city, it is not be overemphasized. "Wu San-ching, the more Shan-ching, the two sides of Castle Peak Ying. Who knows the situation of having to bid farewell? Jun tears surplus, concubine tears surplus, Luo concentric knot with minors, the first influx Jiang Ping." Hangzhou Lin abscond "Long Love" for our the as an appropriate screen, reading is always fibrillation heartstrings. White Snake and Xu Xian meet the Broken Bridge, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai the desolate situation,on the Mu Nian-cheng illness, her quatrains "concubine by the oil-walled car, cross the Green Cong Ma Lang. Where to tie the knot, Xiling under the pines and cypresses. " is reading. We walk in in on wicker shadows can be seen under the right right both.
West Lake, Hangzhou love      








            Hangzhou West Lake has a long history and romance, Hangzhou landscape has always been of the "visitors heaters drunk straight to Hangzhou do." On Lien and Soong have abandoned the will to fight Xiaozong, forget the national recovery plan, not to mention those The so-called. Literati in this self-cultivation, idlers in this love.

  There are three circumstances in Hangzhou West Lake Bridge, the Broken Bridge, Changqiao, West Bridge cold. Every bridge has a beautiful love story. Broken Bridge since Needless to say, the source and the White Snake and Xu Xian. Changqiao not long from the Butterfly Lovers. Changqiao on two In the second, from the end of the bridge to bridge, from the end of the bridge to bridge, this is not a very long long bridge have changed again. West Cold Bridge story is about the Jiangnan Courtesan.

West Lake, Hangzhou Tower Lei Feng

  Hangzhou West Lake and the Lei Feng Xizhao nanping fact is relatively close to attractions. Lei Feng in the original tower had already collapsed before the founding of the PRC out, and now we can see in recent years after Lei Feng tower built. Tower is a steel skeleton, very new, are also a false relics. South Temple did not go off, it is built in Nanping Yamashita. Net Teramae have a well-known, a lot of fish tanks Ah, there are many tortoise inside tour, is a more interesting place.
  Hangzhou West Lake of the lake and the wind blowing wind golden hearts printed another Pagoda - that of a mottled, in the mountains in a storm with the Millennium the shrines. Stand in the city, the West Lake, Hangzhou, with a total people who forgot what this body, at this time when, as if one with eyes closed, or even through the Millennium, the Liberal Ling-fei.

     Hangzhou Xiushui Lai Shan, who the United States and soft language, everything shows a gentle, even the ferocity of the tiger in Hangzhou people's minds are moderate. Stephen dream about is the Second to a spring, a monk of solutions to air in early Hangzhou difficult lack of water story. It is said that in the Tang yuan and years, the monks first arrived in Hangzhou West Lake of air due to lack of water for drinking, people wishing to move elsewhere. Night, he suddenly people dream messenger of God: "Nanyue Boy spring, when the removal to two tigers. Pui solid exhibition? However, there are two tigers Qingquan ran. It is said that pure spring water, with a total salinity low radon high, with health care functions, and Longjing tea leaves that "West Lake."spots to build mountains, trees, streams and along the road, the clear pure.

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