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National Palace Museum
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About the National Palace Museum
  National Palace Museum is located in Shihlin District, Taipei City Zhishan Rd, Waishuanghsi region, in de October 25, 1965 completed the construction of the Chinese palace-style building, one, two, three-tier display for the exhibition space on the fourth floor open cafe for the "three Greek Church", in possession of the world's most priceless treasures of Chinese art, collectibles mainly inherited from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing four North Korea, almost covered the whole five thousand years of Chinese history, the number of 65 5 million more than 1000 pieces, the National Palace Museum has a "treasure-house of Chinese culture" of good reputation; National Palace Museum exhibits in addition to the rich, the provision of Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and other languages seven professional guides, and regularly conducts various cultural learning courses, lectures and a traveling exhibition activities, published more than 130 kinds of journals and albums, is the world's cultural treasure, the National Palace Museum is to come to Taiwan tourist must-see, is expected in Chiayi Taibao construction of the National Palace Museum Southern Branch.

National Palace Museum - the history of development
  National Palace Museum, formerly de Forbidden City in Beijing in 1925 established the National Palace Museum, 1933 in order to avoid Japan's military attacks, so will the National Palace Museum artifacts across the border, to arrive at Nanjing in 1948, relics, and later civil war between the Kuomintang, the Nationalist government then it is shipped to the museum to the east of Taiwan, in 1965 the completion of the National Palace Museum is the site, known as Zhongshan Museum, commonly known as "Taipei's National Palace Museum"; the National Palace Museum artifacts within the originally planned five transported from mainland China, but the relationship only because of the war the delivery of three, for a total of about 2972 boxes, rich cultural relics also become a world-renowned National Palace Museum, the Museum; National Palace Museum in 1965 after the completion in 1994, Chin Hsiao-yi, former president of the proposed alterations on the conversion in 2001, making the original forward exhibition area increased by about 1000 square meters, non-professional exhibition area increased by about 5000 square meters, more diversified approach to regulation Canton Palace Museum collection of far-reaching significance.

National Palace Museum - Collection Overview
  National Palace Museum collection of ancient art objects essence can be broadly divided into bronze, calligraphy, ceramics, book books, crafts and heritage palace category and so on; Bronze diverse exhibits, of which there were famous ones contains scattered's plate , Zongzhou bell, etc.; painting collections totaled about 9120, as the demarcation point to the Yuan Dynasty, the famous exhibits contain Guo Xi "Zaochun map", Fan Kuan's "Travelers Among Mountains and Streams map" as well as Su Shi's "Cold Food Observance with," and so on; pottery exhibits five to the Song Dynasty porcelain, porcelain kilns in the Ming Dynasty and Qing porcelain collection for the bulk, the famous Kangxi porcelain stem III is representative of North Korea; library books have been part of the Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasty version more and integrity high, such as Wenyuan Pavilion "Sikuquanshu" algae wield tongs "Si Ku Quan Shu-hui to", "Wan-commissioned another possession," and so on, are where the exhibits characteristics; process is the most significant feature of the National Palace Museum, the famous Cuiyu Chinese cabbage, meat-shaped stone and so on, there were about 11,445 jade, as well as lacquer, glass, gold and silver ware, paper and ink, etc. A total of 7605 inkstone collections; palace relics category is included in Shamanism and the instruments used in Tibetan Buddhism, Sacrificial and so on, is full of religious exhibits.

National Palace Museum Tourism
  National Palace Museum in addition to the museum's exhibits can be visited, the park with other well-known tourist attractions are also not to be missed; "Zhishan Park" is located in the left side of the Palace, completed in 1984 completed, the park to the concept of traditional Chinese garden design as the main direction , bridges, Ling Macrobrachium Labyrinth is a very elegant Park; "Shitoku Garden" at the right side of the National Palace Museum, is an open park, the entrance is a unique classical round arches, after admission is better about the landscape; " Zhang Daqian Memorial Hall, "formerly known as Maya Society, the overall construction for Mr. Zhang Daqian personally designed to preserve the old house of Mr. Zhang Daqian reproduce daily environment, and display photos and a variety of stone pot.

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