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Sun Moon Lake tourist area is located in Nantou County, Taiwan is the most famous scenic island of Taiwan is Taiwan's largest natural lakes, is also a national minority, one of the famous mountain lake.

  Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's "Tianchi," V lying in between Yushan and Alishan mountain, the shore of Lake perimeter 35 kilometers, the waters of more than 9 square kilometers, the surface of another well-known than the Chinese lake - slightly larger than West Lake, Hangzhou, water depth is more than West Lake, more than 10 times, there are twenty or thirty meters. Huanhu are mountains, lake  the middle of the lake there is a natural island surface, round if Pearl, a "Castle Peak over the clean water, Mingtan hold" the beauty of the landscape. Qing Dynasty had say it is "Zhongshan Mountain in the water, mountain water from the air since the free"; Chen Lake is also said to be "beyond the mountains water, but still the mountain in the water are." 300 years ago, the Sun Moon Lake on with this "Wanshan leaves, emergentism Mingtan" wonders of the island to become the highest of all wins, the world well-known in China.

  Sun Moon Lake, also known as double, originally as two separate lakes, in the past called Shueishe Longhu Lake or later because the power generation needs, in the downstream dam, the water level rise, even as one of Hunan and Hubei. Lake there is a small island, which looks like floating in the water on a string, beads named Island, now called Sinorama Island. This Island Beihu round shape, such as Japan, south of Crescent may, therefore known as the Sun Moon Lake, the old, one of Taiwan's eight "double-Moon Lake" is the resulting.

  Due to the construction of water power plants, is Sun Moon Lake deformation as a Maple Leaf. River dam 91 meters long, 48.5 meters high, water storage capacity of 147 million cubic meters of reservoir, the reservoir sluice through 15-kilometer-long tunnel into the Sun Moon Lake, played low, he added the role of water. Not to build hydropower stations in the former, the Sun Moon Lake area of 4.4 square kilometers, with an average depth of about four meters, the lake elevation of 726.8 meters. After the completion of power plants to raise the water level more than 30 meters, was do lowland flooding, the lake area has expanded 70 percent to reach 7.73 square kilometers, with an average water depth of up to 19.1 meters, 35 kilometers Lake perimeter, with an average water depth of 40 meters.

  East Lake Shueishe mountains over 2000 meters, Zhaoxia evening mist, reflection peaks, beautiful scenery. Tam has a mountainside north of the Man Mo Temple, since the front view, within the lake scenery, a panoramic view. Qinglongshan south, steep terrain, the foothills there are several temples, including Temple, dedicated to the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang Xuanzang of the Tang Ling bone. Sipan is a, and raised dozens of peacocks, to perform open-screen, dancing, it adds Xing Yu. Thao village southeast residents, and for visitors viewing the national song and dance performances. Lake boating in floated like mist in the plaster to the quiet elegance, a unique taste.

  Sun Moon Lake's water, mainly used for power generation, power generation capacity of five billion a year degrees, accounting for 56 percent of Taiwan's hydro-electric power generation efficiency by 12.5 billion yuan. Because it is rare live reservoirs, the reservoir of water daily through the use of Taipower cycle power generation, like flowing water, not only difficult to breeding algae, water transparency is also good, it can be the breeding of fresh meat Qu lumbar greasy fish, Qi Lake fish and shrimp.

  The Beauty of Sun Moon Lake is heavily stacked Hsiukuluan peak, the vast lake, water clarity; throughout the year, twilight landscape are different. July average temperature is not higher than 22 degrees Celsius, in January of not less than 15 degrees Celsius in summer cool for summer resort. In the Qing dynasty, Japanese occupation and the recovery, the "double-Moon Lake," were selected as one of Taiwan's Eight, and the Chinese mainland as assessed by the "top ten scenic spots", the Sun Moon Lake is the only sites inside the top spots in Taiwan, compatriots in mainland China the impression that is tantamount to Taiwan's scenic Sun Moon Lake synonymous.

  Scenic Honor: scenic spots have not yet assessed
  Main Features: Taiwan's reservoir scenic lake in Nantou County should be the Sun Moon Lake the most attention, the whole area of more than 100 square kilometer lake, 33 kilometers around the lake to Lalu Island   (Sinorama Island) for the sector, the northern half of round-shaped, such as Japan, southern half of, say, hook-shaped, they are named. In the Qing dynasty, Japanese occupation and after the retrocession of Taiwan, 'dual-Lake Moon' were selected as one of Taiwan Hakkei; and the Chinese mainland as assessed by the 'top ten scenic spots', the Sun Moon Lake is the only sites inside the top spots in Taiwan, compatriots in mainland China the impression that is tantamount to Taiwan's scenic Sun Moon Lake synonymous.

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