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Great Wall
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  All in all times and in all human buildings, should be one the most famous Great Wall of China.

  Precise, the Great Wall is not only one. In 2000 years, all on behalf of the Northern Dynasty in China built the Great Wall many Block. Among them, the most "new" but also preserved the most complete one was built in the Ming Dynasty China (1368-1644).

  Ming Great Wall is a structure of large and complex frontier fortress stretches 6700 kilometers. It is the world's greatest miracle artificial.

  Ming Great Wall mountains, meandering between the roundabout in Chongshan. To see people not respect it, sighed in such a dangerous place but the use of the number of so many huge construction materials. Wall witnessed the ancient civilizations and the North Central Plains agriculture tension between nomadic fierce confrontation.

  Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the history of mankind, the most labor-Ju, the oldest, most construction materials. Making it one the largest historical relics. In today's rapidly changing world, the protection of cultural heritage protection areas of the Great Wall is the most challenging task.

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